Commercial Electricians

Need A Commercial Electrician?

Ansal Electrics provides full Five Star service for business and commercial enterprises around Australia.
We have the best market-competitive pricing in all areas of electrical contracting.
Ansal Electrics provides a full Master Electrician quality of service. Our expert tradespeople are fully licensed to work with any type of electrical system, anywhere in Australia.

Why Use Ansal Electrics ?

At Ansal Electrics we pride ourselves on setting the quality standard in our industry by:

  1. Providing fast response times and direct contact people in all areas of service
  2. From the enquiry stage onwards, you’ll be talking to professionals
  3. Maintaining high levels of scheduling efficiency
  4. Our standard of service ensures electricians always arrive on time for their scheduled appointments.
  5. Ensuring full compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards.
  6. All work is conducted under strict electrical trades professional safety guidelines.
  7. Ensuring electrical systems are fully consistent and compliant with quality systems.
  8. Being fully internet based and transparent with clients.
  9. We care deeply about the quality of our work, and we have strict quality controls to make sure our clients are getting the best.

How We’re Different

  1. Our work ethic is: Excellence, Relationship, Team, Integrity, Passion
  2. Our service people present themselves and their vehicle in a way that represents excellence. We pride ourselves on our professional quality standards of service.
  3. Our people understand and appreciate the business environment and the needs of commercial enterprises.
  4. All our staff have great communication, organisational and time management skills in running multiple tasks on site.
  5. We make sure your business contacts with us are reliable and fully functional at all times.
  6. We always have the same person working on your job every time to make sure they’re familiar with your site and issues.
  7. With Ansal Electrics, you will always have a point of contact, 24/7.
  8. If you have any issues, or need help in a hurry, you can always be sure you’ve got someone working for you who’s aware of your situation and needs. Once you either phone or email your work request to us, it is handled quickly by the same licensed electrician.
  9. You will also have a back up licensed electrician when required.
  10. We can provide a rapid response to urgent situations.
  11. If you have a breakdown or emergency we can normally be there in a two-hour turnaround time.
  12. We have very high service capacity, able to deal with any situation.